Online Militaria Show Terms of Use

 Everybody: Buyers and Sellers both understand that the Online Militaria Show is simply a venue, and all transactions are between the buyer and the seller alone.  The Online Militaria Show, the Show Committee, Advance Guard Militaria, and our employees and contractors are not financially or legally responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers at the show.
  Sales involving firearms and weapons will be conducted in 100% compliance with any and all National, State, & Local laws and regulations.
  When and if disputes arise, the Show Committee will act as arbiter.  Buyers and Sellers agree to accept the committee's decisions without prolonged debate or appeal, even when we are wrong, which we certainly will be from time to time.  Further, all parties understand that even though the committee's decisions are final, our ability to enforce them is exclusively limited to restricting or eliminating an individual's participation on the site.  If someone decides to ignore our decision, we can remove them from the show (as buyer or seller), but we can't drive to their house and get your item or your money for you.  We're the Show Committee - not the 'A-Team.' 
  Items submitted for sale are subject to to spot-check review for policy complaince.  The fact that an item was not rejected during the review process should not be construed as an official endorsement of that item.   
 Sellers: Sellers will not list any fake, fraudulent, or reproduction material.  To keep it simple, even reproductions for reenactments are not allowed.  If you have any doubt at all about an item's authenticity, you agree not to sell it here.
  Sellers who accept PayPal and / or Credit Cards cannot charge an extra fee for those purchases, nor can they require that PayPal payments be sent as a "gift" to avoid the fees.  This is not our rule.  It is part of your user agreement with these payment processing companies.  Any reference to charging the buyers for these fees in a listing will result in the removal of that listing, and if continued, a loss of the seller's table. 
  Sellers must stand behind their merchandise.  You can specify the duration of your guarantee in your seller preferences, but customers must be allowed to return a purchase for a refund within a reasonable period of time. 
  Individual item listings may not contain links or advertisments for other websites or businesses. 
  Items listed for sale are subject to spot-check review.  Good items that have one or more problems in the listing may be held, giving the seller an opportunity to correct the problem(s).  Items with more serious issues may be rejected completely.  Rejected items will not be resubmitted, and rejections are not subject to debate, discussion, or appeal.   
  Items listed for sale must be exclusively available at the Online Militaria Show while the show is in progress.  If a customer hits the 'Buy Now' button, the item must be available for them to purchase.  The seller is obligated to sell the item to the customer who hits the 'Buy' button, unless that customer is legally ineligible to purchase the item, or lives in an area where the seller states he declines to ship.
  For your own protection, ship orders only via services that include a tracking number. 
 Buyers: Read the seller's terms of sale and shipping options before you purchase.  If any of these are not acceptable to you, do not buy the item. 
  Establish via email whether you want insurance or not, and who is to pay for that service before sending payment for the item. 
  If problems arise, communicate with your seller first and give him a reasonable chance to help resolve the problem before turning to PayPal disputes or Credit Card chargebacks.