The SALE posts Thursday December 3
3:00 PM US Central Time


Our sale catalog will open on Thursday, December 3 at 3:00 pm US Central Time.  Remember: to give everybody the best possible chance, we do not sell anything before the catalog opens.  In fact, we remain closed to phone traffic and emails on opening day until the exact moment that the new catalog opens.

So, if it is 3:00 pm in Missouri.. what time is that where you live?
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Claim your share of over $45,000 in discounts
on militaria from your Holiday wish list!

We haven't done one of these big sales for a while, but those of you who have been customers for a few years are likely familiar with the concept.  This is when we offer items at discounts which range from mildly pleasant to downright shocking - with many items priced at or even well below our original cost.  Our friend Ed from Wisconsin was discussing seller strategy with us while waiting for the SOS to open up a few years ago, and wisely observed:  "You know, this stuff doesn't need to be celebrating birthdays!"  We agree!  Sure, there are always a few things that we might be especially attached to (we're all collectors at heart), and those items will not drop below a certain price.. because we secretly would rather keep them than give them away.  There are also a few consignment pieces listed that I hesitate to discount in the same bold way that I would for something that we own outright, since not everyone subscribes to the 'MAKE IT SELL' philosophy that guides us here at AGM.  For everything else, though - we try to make prices so attractive that you can't afford NOT to buy it!  Many of our strongest buyers on these sales are in fact other dealers, buying items for their own sites or to take to shows for resale.

A bit of inside baseball - on this particular Holiday Sale, the total original list price for these items was $211,390.  The total of the sale price is $166,107.  That's over $45,000 in discounts!  This means that if you have had your eye on anything on the site lately, chances are you will be quite pleasantly surprised by the (temporary) new price.  And it is just that - temporary.  This sale will expire at the end of December, and the items remaining will return to their regular price.

We are also using the sale catalog to test a few new features; mostly behind-the-scenes stuff, as we have moved the site to a brand new server.  One thing that you will notice, however, is that you can now navigate the gallery pages much more easily, and pick how many items you wish to display per page.

A sample of the Holiday Sale Catalog highlights includes:
  • Confederate Froelich Style CSA Staff & Field Officer's Sword Attributed to B. Douglass
  • Krag Bowie Bayonet
  • Large 13-Star Navy Boat Flag
  • Spanish-American War M1889 Campaign Hat
  • US Military WWI Production "Brushed Blue" Colt Model 1911 Pistol
  • Imperial German Colonial Schutztruppen Officer's Sword
  • Japanese 1909 Korea Imperial Tour Commemorative Medal
  • Japanese Type 99 Nagoya Arsenal Sniper Rifle with Scope & Scope Case
  • Civil War M1832 Artillery Short Sword: 1833 Date
  • AAF 7th Bombardment Group A-2 Flight Jacket
  • Imperial / Third Reich Schellenbaum Eagle
  • Saxon Infantry Regiment 134 Oberst Dunkelblau Tunic
  • AEF 33rd Division DSC Recipient's Medal & Uniform Group
  • WWI Aviation Section Signal Corps Waltham Cockpit Clock
  • Allgemeine SS Enlisted Visor Cap
  • Civil War Navy Boarding Cutlass: Ames 1861
  • Full Röhm Inscription SA Dagger: E. Pack & Söhne
  • Luftwaffe B-Uhr Observer Watch
  • Württemberg M1889 Infantry Officer's Sword with Etched Blade
  • Japanese Type 14 Nambu Pistol and Holster
  • Manchukuo Order of the Auspicious Clouds: Sixth Class With Case
  • French WWI Armor Troops 'Tanker' Adrian Helmet
  • WWI British / Commonwealth RFC Aviator's Flying Coat
  • US Model 1861 Contract Rifle Musket by E. Robinson of New York
  • British Victorian 16th Lancers Enlisted Helmet
  • Colt New Service Army Model of 1909 Revolver
  • Imperial German Officer's Cap Cockade Sample Board With 1918 Dated Probe Tag
  • Kaiser's Musketry Prize: First Award in the Original Box
  • 1891 Kaiser Wilhelm's Visit To London: Massive Cased Table Medal
  • Schutzpolizei Oberstleutnant's Uniform Coat
  • Gendarmerie Summer Issue Waffenrock
  • Remington-Maynard Conversion of a US Model 1822  (M1816 Type II) Flintlock Musket
  • WWI American Red Cross Female Canteen Worker's Slouch Hat
  • Civil War Model 1840 Enlisted Light Artillery Saber: Ames 1864
  • AAF Goatskin A-2 Flight Jacket
  • US Model 1917 Rifle by Remington
  • British / German WWI Trench Mace
  • British 1879 South Africa Medal: Army Hospital Corps
  • AEF Trench Art Violin
  • Jäger zu Pferde Regiment 7 'Lobstertail' Helmet
  • Turkish Prisoner Gargantuan Beadwork Snake: 1918
  • British WWII Irvin Fleece Flight Jacket
  • Large Cast Brass 1914 Iron Cross
  • WWI Reserve Military Aviator Wing Badge: Bullion w/ Pinback
  • British WWII Wilkinson 'B2' Second Pattern Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife
  • US Navy Union Jack: 48-Star (1912-1959) Very Large
  • Civil War Federal Soldier's Belt, Belt Plate & Cap Box
and much, much more!  There are 585 items on the Holiday Sale this time.

Be sure to visit the site when it opens Thursday at 3:00 pm US central time.  I look forward to hearing from you then.

Best regards,

Jeff Shrader


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