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Our new catalog will open on Tuesday September 10 at 3:00 pm US Central Time.

Remember: to give everybody the best possible chance, we do not sell anything before the catalog opens.  In fact, we remain closed to phone traffic and emails on opening day until the exact moment that the new catalog opens.

So, if it is 3:00 pm in Missouri.. what time is that where you live?
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Catalog 112 opens on Tuesday September 10 at 3:00 pm US central time. 
flying_pig_3 A second AGM catalog, just days after a new one opened?  I thought briefly about reaching out to a few of my favorite pals in various tinfoil hat clubs to see which flavor of apocalypse is foretold by such a thing.. but selfishly just could not make myself dial the numbers.  If you know, or think you know - don't tell me - let it be a surprise.  Might not be a bad time to stock up on bottled water, though - just sayin'.

With the large trench art collection that we are processing, we have three follow-on sales in the works comparable in size to this one. 
So, what do you need to know about Catalog 112?
  • As we have for the past several catalogs when it opens, the new stuff -in this case all trench art- will under the very mysteriously titled category NEW LISTINGS.
  • Everything else that is currently available will be listed in the regular categories.  If you had your eye on an item last week and it had not yet sold when we shifted gears to 112 on Monday, it will be there when #112 opens up, but listed in it's native category; i.e. that US 1830's powder flask will be in the first US category, the Kaiserliche Marine saber is in Imperial German, etc. 
  • Just in case 375 new pieces of trench art in NEW LISTINGS is not enough to choose from, there is more!  Items that previously appeared on Catalog 111 or earlier are also in the normal TRENCH ART category
  • The new Insider member preview opens this time at 12:00 noon on Tuesday.  Please keep in mind, this is a view behind the green curtain.  At that point on the day prior to a catalog opening, we are often still uploading images, finding and correcting errors, reshooting items where necessary, and making other small changes.  If you don't see photos of a particular item, check back later.  If you are not an Insider; fear not: the preview is just that - a preview.  Instead of a "BUY" button, a countdown to the catalog opening is displayed.  Sales don't start until it is open to EVERYONE at 3:00 pm.
Catalog 112 contains around 375 brand new listings.  Here are some of the highlights!  These by no means reflect the whole catalog, or even necessarily the 'best' items.  They were simply images that stood out when I was browsing through Laura's photos.  (BTW - this is our employee Laura's debut as a catalog photographer.)
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112_03A 112_04
112_13 112_07
112_08 112_05a
112_09a 112_12
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We have had items from Jane Kimball's extraordinary collection previously, but this will be the first large topic-specific catalog to feature her items.  In here you will find trench art dating from as far back as the Boer War, and there are some WWII pieces as well, but the majority either date from or commemorate the Great War.  There are a large number of shells of course, including AEF unit-specific trench art some of the very seldom encountered painted examples.  You will also find interesting carved wood pieces, bone art from Prisoner of War and Enemy Alien detention camps, and several of the Turkish POW beadwork snakes.  The most impressive of these is an example over 16 feet long!
So what else will you find on Catalog 112?
Coming up on Tuesday: Catalog 112 highlights include:
  • L'Angélus: 1850's French Painting Reinterpreted As 75mm Trench Art Shell
  • Red Cross Nurse Vignette French WWI Engraved Trench Art Shell
  • American Field Service SSU-19 Trench Art Shell
  • Poilue: Trench Art 75mm Shell
  • Britannia: Trench Art 77mm Shell
  • Casablanca: French 1907-08 Conquest of Morocco Trench Art Shell
  • Chicago Daily News War Correspondent's Russo-Japanese War Souvenir Shell
  • Commonwealth Soldier's 18-Pounder Trench Art Shell From Egypt
  • Turkish Prisoner Gargantuan Beadwork Snake: 1918
  • Shoreline Vignette Painted Trench Art 77mm Shells: Pair
  • WWI Air War Painted Trench Art 77mm Shell
  • Solemn Vignette: Painted Trench Art 77mm Shell
  • La Grenade: Bomb-Tossing French Femme Fatale Trench Art Shell
  • German Trench Art Windmill
  • 79th Division MTC Machine Shop Truck Unit 389 Trench Art Shell w/ Unit Insignia
  • AEF 20th Engineers Trench Art Shell Memorializing SS Tuscania Casualties
  • Anglel Embraces Fallen Poilu: Trench Art French 75mm Shell
  • Shy Beauty Trench Art Shell
  • French Heavy Artilleryman's Elaborate Basketweave Trench Art 75mm Shell
  • Boer War St. Helena Prisoner of War Art Carved Shoe with Hidden Snake
  • AEF Tank Corps Trench Art Shell Pair
  • Belgian Victorious Lion Trench Art Shell
  • De Jeune Bleuet: Very Artistic Engraved Trench Art Shell
  • Greatest Library Ever: Trench Art French 75mm Shell
  • Comic Character 'Jiggs' Motif Unfinished Trench Art Shell
  • WWI Trench Art British Heavy Tank
  • Egyptian Motif Elaborately Engraved Austrian Trench Art Shell
  • BEF Charging Tommy Trench Art Shell
  • Canadian Wounded Engineer's Trench Art Shell
  • Napoleonic War Era Prisoner Carved Shoe-Shaped Box
  • WWI Trench Art German Monoplane
  • WWI Turkish Prisoner Beadwork Necklace
  • La Campagne 1917: Painted Trench Art 75mm Shell
  • Particularly Nice 1914 Relief Carved Photo Frame
  • US WWI Army Soldier and Navy Sailor: Trench Art French 75mm Shell
And much.. much.... MUCH more!

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We look forward to hearing from you on Tuesday!

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